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Why give to our charity?

We realize there are a million warrior/veteran charities to donate to (which is great!), but these are the things that make us unique:

More of each dollar goes to the warriors (100% of checks and 97.3% of the other donation options). We don't receive salaries and we use our own money for all other costs. The Wounded Warriors who receive your donations are vetted by the USAF, and we are personally involved with the program and directors. We participate in the adaptive and rehabilitative sports camps and believe us, adaptive sports are not for sissies (and we have the bruises to prove it!) 


A very special THANK YOU to these companies and individuals who are donating on a recurring basis!

*Rhonda & Brian Baxley*

*Loretta Donnelly*

*Sharon & Mike Via*

*Mark "Ginsu" McGinley*

*Susan & Dave Rose*

Thank you!!

We are a federally registered 501(c)(3) charity. Your donations are fully tax deductible. Please consider setting up a *recurring donation* to help meet the  lifetime needs of the warriors.

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