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Hero Hounds

Service dogs play an extremely important role in the lives of their warrior moms and dads. These amazing animals not only give the warriors physical support (e.g. steadying them or pulling them up) but they can also alert to medical and psycological conditions (e.g. low blood sugar, seizures, nightmares, and PTSD episodes).

The bond between the service member and their dog is unbreakable. They literally can be the difference between life and death.

Beyond Brave helps to offset the cost of emergency veterinary care for these wonderful animals.

Hope & Shelley

Shelley asking Hope where she got her perm!

Bindi & Melissa

Two pretty girls taking a day off from training and enjoying the sun

2015 Wounded Warrior Games

I'm so embarrassed!

Mary and her trusty steed

Guiding Mary back to the hotel

Guarding the arrows

Waiting for my master to finish shooting

Chris, Cory, and Zeus

Hamming it up...except the 2016 games

2016 Wounded Warrior Games

A moment to reflect

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