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Beyond Brave is a nonprofit created to send Permanently Disabled Retired Wounded Warriors and their Caregivers to Air Force Rehabilitative and Adaptive Sports Camps. We also provide financial assistance to wounded warriors and their families while they recover from injuries and/or illness. During this incredibly difficult time, the warriors, along with their families, face inconceivable hardships. They confront physical injury, numerous surgeries, pain and/or crippling illnesses. They deal with emotional scars that plague them every moment of every day. We also added a new member to our Beyond Brave family, Hippo. He is a service dog who is trained for PTSD & anxiety. He will provide comfort at camps, introduce Warriors to service animals, and also visit Veteran facilities with us.

Why "Beyond Brave?"

This name has many meanings. The warriors have already bravely volunteered to fight for our freedom, but their battle did not end there. For them, the battle continues...every moment of every day. They are suffering from physical and/or invisible wounds. Their Bravery is beyond what we would have thought humanly possible. Their courage, patriotism and sheer guts never ceases to amaze us. They are true heroes in every sense of the word.

Why 20 stars?

On our logo there are 20 stars that symbolize a very sad truth. On average, 20 servicemen and women commit suicide every day. This number has recently gone down from 22. We hope to continue to take stars off of our logo as the number comes down. This can only happen if people become aware and are willing to help.

2016 Wounded Warrior Games

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