Beyond Brave and New Headings International Inc are sister charities. Beyond Brave will receive all donations through Amazon Smile.

New Headings International Inc is a medical charity, created by a friend who is a military doctor, to provide medical care in Equador.

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Bravely Battling Beyond
injury or illness.
Because of the brave,
we are still the
land of the free!

Beyond Brave is a nonprofit created to provide financial assistance to wounded warriors and their families while they recover from injuries and/or illness. During this incredibly difficult time, the warriors, along with their families, face inconceivable hardships. They confront physical injury, numerous surgeries, pain and/or crippling illnesses. They deal with emotional scars that plague them every moment of every day. On top of all this, their financial status is tenuous at best. Most warriors are unable to work and often their spouse has to give up their job to take care of them...obviously compounding the financial and emotional stressors. The majority are medically retired, which literally puts them below the federal poverty level.

Nov 17, 2019

Warriors and Caregivers coming together at Andrews AFB MD

Rehabilitative and Adaptive Sports Camp

Outreach Events, Resiliency Workshops

- Music, Comedy,Art, Writing, Restorative Care, Ambassador and Empowerment in Transition Workshops

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About the Camps

"Warrior Crack"



We have been closely involved with Air Force Wounded Warriors (AFW2) Adaptive and Rehabilitative Sports Camps since 2013. We pinch ourselves on a regular basis because we are constantly humbled and blessed in so many ways to have the opportunity to be part of this wonderful, life-changing program. To be part of so many warriors journey to recovery is wonderful beyond words. We almost feel guilty because we enjoy helping so is like a fix (or as we like to say....Warrior Crack). A staff member and I were trying to describe this awesome feeling. We determined that it was the pure and simple fact that we are witnesses to miracles occurring every minute, of every hour, of every day. The courage to come, the courage to try, the courage to be beyond brave! Stay tuned for more miracles to come!